Frequently Asked Questions

What can I use a secured loan for? +

The most common uses of a Secured Loan are consolidating debts, home improvements or to pay major costs, such as a wedding or holiday. You can use a secured loan for almost any purpose.

How much can I borrow?+

You can borrow from £5,000 to £500,000 subject to status. The amount you can actually borrow will be dependent on factors including what you can afford and the amount of equity you have in your property.

What happens after I apply for my loan? +

From receiving your enquiry, we will contact you to assess in detail your requirements. This will include a breakdown of your income and expenditure to ensure the loan is affordable.

Can I repay my loan early?+

You may repay the outstanding balance early. If there are any early repayment charges, these will be highlighted in the documentation provided.

Will my credit score be affected?+

A soft search will generally be carried out initially upon enquiry which doesn't affect your credit score. You will be able to see this search on your credit report, but it won’t be visible to other lenders. A full credit search will be performed when you sign the relevant paperwork/ application forms.

Who can apply for a secured loan?+

To apply for a secured loan, you need to be a homeowner with a mortgage and has equity in your property that meets individual lenders criteria.. If you have a jointly owned home, you must apply for the secured loan jointly with that other person.